Harvest Farms & Garden

Harvest is home to Tassione Farms and the head farmer, Rocky Tassione will teach residents how to grow fresh, organic farm to table produce at the community garden. The farm will feature an orchard and seasonal, organic crops.

Rocky Tassione, and his wife Celeste have been providing locally grown microgreens, specialty lettuces, vegetable specialties and herbs for the Dallas‐Ft. Worth restaurant and grocer trade since 1997. Tassione will teach residents how to grow their own produce like the families in Northlake did a hundred years ago.

“We want this to be an environment where urban farmers, gardeners and farm-to-table entrepreneurs can thrive,” said Tassione. “The trend toward growing your own food will be a way of life here and because of that our residents will share a unique connection to the land and nature.”

Rocky Tassione

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